01.02.2021 - Youngest kids can return to school on Monday - but with new strict rules to follow.


Today there was a press conference led by the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke (S), regarding the decision to allow the youngest school kids to return to school from Monday the 8th of February.

The main points from the press conference were:

  1. Pupils from 0th-4th grade can return to school and after-school activities (SFO/klub) from Monday the 8th of February.

  2. The reopening of the schools is expected to lead to an increase in both the number of daily infected with covid-19, as well as the number of new hospitalisations.

  3. Increased demands to the use of face masks, when parents and other visitors pick up and bring kids to daycare, elementary school and after-school activities.

  4. The rules regarding emergency education continue until the summer holidays.

Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke (S) / Photo: Emil Helms © Scanpix

More details

  • The pupils can only be with their own classes, both in the classes and in the recess breaks.

  • There are no distance requirements in the classes for the pupils, and they can therefore play with and hug each other, but, as mentioned, cannot be with kids from other classes.

  • The teachers are only allowed to go to the classes, and cannot hold physical meetings in the teacher's rooms.

  • If parents cannot wear face masks when bringing and pick up their kids, they will have to bring and deliver the kid outside of the institution.

  • There will be a continuous testing program for teachers and other relevant staff. As the authorities are currently working on this program, there weren't any further details on the press conference.

  • The decision has been made on the basis of new calculations from an expert group, which has been looking at the possible consequences of letting the youngest pupils return to school. "They have estimated the scenarios in the task force. It is responsible (to do so, red.), and the kids from 0th-4th grade can therefore return to school on Monday the 8th of February," says the Minister of Health, who also calls it a "controlled pinpoint operation", and that the children aren't the drivers of the epidemic. The rest of us have to wait for now though when it comes to a further reopening of society.

  • The State Serum Institute has calculated that a reopening of the youngest classes will give an increase in daily infected from around 300 to 600 people, as well as an increase in the number of daily new hospitalised from 20 to 40, according to the Director of the SSI, Henrik Ullum.

  • Finally, there'll also be increased demands to the use of face masks in the engross trade, but this wasn't specified further at the press conference.

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