06.02.2021 - BREAKING NEWS: Obligatory quarantine and test when arriving from abroad from tomorrow!

  1. From tomorrow it will be obligatory to enter 10 days of quarantine when arriving from abroad, regardless of means of transport into the country.

  2. It will also be obligatory to take a test upon arrival. If by plane, you have to take a quick test before leaving the airport. If by other means of transportation, you need to take a test no later than 24 hours after arriving.

  3. The quarantine can be shortened by taking a negative PCR-test earliest on day 4 after the arrival.

  4. Not following this obligation will result in a fine of 3.500 kroner, and can get higher if there are repeated offences.

  5. Exceptions to the rules of testing and isolation exist and can be found here (in Danish).

  6. The flight ban for passenger planes from the United Arab Emirates has as a result been removed, meaning you can now again fly from e.g. Dubai to Copenhagen.

  7. It is still a requirement to be able to show a negative test that's not older than 24 hours when arriving by plane, or if you're a foreigner without residence or permanent residence permits in Denmark arriving with other means of transportation. These foreigners also still need a worthy purpose before being allowed into Denmark.

  8. These rules are currently in effect until the 28th of February 2021.

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