08.11.2021 – The Corona passport is reimplemented from Friday the 12th of November

Monday there was a press conference with the prime minister and other authority figures.

The backdrop for the conference is an increase in the number of infected with covid-19 and an increase in the number of hospitalised. Therefore will the corona passport be reimplemented, and there's a strong appeal and encouragement from the government and the health authorities to get vaccinated if you haven't been so yet.


  1. The Corona passport is reimplemented again from Friday in various situations such as restaurants, museums, concerts, nightclubs, hospitals and prisons etc. For a full list, see below the picture.

  2. This comes after the parliament has agreed to upgrade coronavirus to a society-critical disease, after an increase in infected and hospitalised.

  3. Further restrictions must still be approved by the parliament’s epidemic committee, and requires that there’s not a majority against any proposals.

  4. The current trend will risk overloading the health care system throughout the winter.

  5. About 88 % of those who are able to get vaccinated have been so, which is about 75 % of the total Danish population. But more needs to be vaccinated - now.

The corona passport comes back on Friday / Photo:

Full list of places where the corona passport will be required:

Regardless of the number of people present

  • Indoor service of food and drinks (takeaway and shelters exempted)

  • Night clubs

  • Party busses when serving alcohol

  • Visitors at nursing homes, hospitals and living arrangements (close relatives exempt)

  • Visitors in prisons and detention centres.

With more than 200 people attending indoors, or 2000 people outdoors

  • Concerts and events

  • Cinema or similar big-screen events

  • Paying spectators at sport events

  • Larger community events

  • Museums, art galleries and similar

  • Sermons and religious events (baptism, weddings and funerals)

  • Public information such as evening schools etc.

  • Zoos med aquariums

  • Bath- and playlands and swimming pools

  • Amusement parks, arcades and casinos

  • Conferences, lectures, exhibitions and fairs

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