12.01.2022 – The corona passport will be changed, and cultural life can reopen on Sunday

Wednesday evening there was a press conference with, among others, the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke. The Epidemic Committee in the Parliament had before the conference approved the government's proposals to uplift some of the restrictions in place, mostly for the cultural sector, while there was a majority without the government for implementing the Superliga-model for the number of people allowed for museums, venues etc., lifting the number of people allowed from 500 to 1.500. There will also be a change to the corona passport, and a few citizens will soon be offered a fourth injection.


  1. The validity of the second injection in the corona passport is reduced from 7 months to 5 months (For those under 18 will the second injection be valid until they turn 18).

  2. Various cultural institutions such as amusement parks, museums, zoos, art galleries, folk high schools, etc. will be allowed to reopen with mandatory use of the corona passport and face masks (when indoors).

  3. Other parts of cultural life (theatres, venues, conferences and indoor sports) will be allowed to reopen with a Superliga-model, allowing a total of 1.500 spectators indoors.

  4. All other restrictions are extended until the 31st of January for now. The requirement of being able to show a negative corona test when entering Denmark is also extended until the 1st of February (Danish residents can take a test within 24 hours of arriving). The validity of the full (second) vaccination is also reduced from 12 to 9 months.

Don't forget to read the full details below the picture for more information!

The cultural sector can begin a soft reopening on Sunday / Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen/Ritzau Scanpix

Full list of the restrictions that are changed from Sunday the 16th:

Will be able to reopen with mandatory use of the corona passport and face masks (only when indoor)

  • Danish Folk High Schools, evening schools, and the People's University.

  • Outdoor sports events where spectators have a ticket and are sitting down.

  • Zoos, aquariums, amusement parks and tivolis.

  • Museums, art galleries, and activity centres.

  • For the Lutheran Church and other faith communities will the rules regarding space per person disappear completely.

Will be able to reopen with mandatory use of the corona passport, face masks, and a participant limitation of 1.500 people in three sections of 500 in each section

  • Cinemas (per cinema hall).

  • Venues and theatres.

  • Places with lectures and conferences.

  • Indoor sports with paying spectators.

List of the restrictions that continue until the 31st of January for now:

  • Nightlife, including nightclubs and bars.

  • Arcades and casinos.

  • Playlands and bathlands.

  • Town halls.

  • Places that serve food and drinks must still not serve alcohol after 22, and have to stay closed between 23 to 05, but can still serve take-away.

  • Alcohol is not allowed to be sold between 23 to 05.

  • Facemask must still be used in public transport, and there's still a requirement of seat tickets in the Intercity and Intercity Express-trains.

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