16.02.2021 - Danes must get tested twice a week when Denmark reopens - announcement coming next week

Today there was held a doorstep in the Danish parliament, where the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke (S), together with other political and health-related actors, presented some expected parts of the next phase of reopening. Nothing is official yet, but it is a preliminary answer to the political demands from a majority in the parliament that we must begin to reopen society.

At the doorstep, we were told that:

  1. The government's reference group is currently calculating on a form of regional reopening.

  2. Included will very likely be the return of the older classes in the elementary school, high school and vocational educations, at least in parts of the country. However, these pupils have to get tested twice a week, and it will be an integral part of being able to reopen other parts of society.

  3. Other possible areas to reopen will be some parts of the retail industry, although liberal businesses such as hairdressers and similar haven't been mentioned as areas the government has asked for calculations for.

  4. The necessity of getting tested twice a week will also be in effect for all citizens that will be affected by any reopening at any time. This is crucial to keep the level of infection down, now where the British mutation (B117) is beginning to dominate. "It's a societal contract where we demand of the industries and parts of society which can reopen, that there will be tests twice a week. Either a quick test or a PCR-test, so we can use those numbers in the models we calculate with," said Magnus Heunicke (S).

  5. A new form of quick test is coming, which is "milder". It's still a test in the nose, but the swab only has to go two-three centimetres into the nose, and the Danish estimation is that it is just as efficient as the current quick tests. 10 million of those tests have been ordered, 400.000 of those have already arrived.

Participants at the doorstep / Foto: Philip Davali/Ritzau Scanpix

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