18.03.2021 - Further reopening on Monday - graduating pupils in Region Hovedstaden can return.

Today did the political parties negotiate a further reopening, as the current situation is much better than feared. The Prime Minister is currently discussing with the political leaders of the other parties, in order to formulate a more long-term reopening plan, which, according to plan, will be presented on the 23rd of March.

Here is what will be allowed to reopen/resume activities on Monday the 22nd of March:


  1. Graduating pupils in the elementary school, as well as juvenile and adult educations in Region Hovedstaden can return to school. This will be allowed by using the same test model as in the rest of the country.

  2. It will be possible to fully reopen with full attendance for pupils who have to participate in diploma courses and for pupils in a school internship across the country.

  3. The assembly ban limit will be raised from five to ten people outdoor. The health authorities are still recommending to only meet five people indoor.

  4. The assembly ban limit will be raised from 25 to 50 people for outdoor sports, which is being done and held in organised matters.

  5. It will be possible to hold outdoor sermons with up to 50 people. This doesn't change the current rules for indoor sermons, and other religious activities.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (S) in the Parliament during a questioning session / Photo: Liselotte Sabroe

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