21.04.2021 - The corona passport - what is it, where must you use it, and how do you get it?

Many of you have been asking about the infamous "corona passport", which will be mandatory to show in many circumstances from today (and has also been mandatory in other areas since the 6th of April). In this summary, I intend to answer the most important questions that you may have about the passport.

An example of what the corona passport looks like, when documenting a complete vaccination / Photo: NetCompany


What is the corona passport?

The corona passport is a solution that intends to document whether a citizen has: a) been fully vaccinated, b) has been infected previously (has become immune), or c) has tested negative within the last 72 hours with either a PCR or quick test.

Why must we use it?

The corona passport is intended to be a key tool in keeping the epidemic in Denmark under control. It is only with the implementation and use of this passport, that the large-scale reopenings we are currently seeing have become possible. The decision to develop and implement the corona passport is a political one, made by the government and the other political parties in the Danish Parliament.

Where and when must you show it?

The corona passport must be shown in a multitude of places, as we move along the reopening plan in phases that has been agreed upon.

  • Since the 6th of April, it has been mandatory to show at certain liberal businesses, such as hairdressers and tattoo parlours, outdoor amusement parks as well as some cultural institutions.

  • From the 21st of April must the passport be shown when you want to eat/drink indoors at restaurants, bars and cafés, when attending football matches in the higher leagues, visiting museums, art galleries and libraries, as well as when performing indoor sports for adults over 70 years of age.

  • From the 6th of May must the passport be shown when conferences, cinemas, theatres and similar other venues are reopened, where cultural activities are performed, as well as when attending indoor sport for adults between 18 and 70 years of age.

  • From the 21st of May must the passport be shown, when the remaining sport-, free time- and associational acitivties are reopened, as well as indoor facilities in amusement parks, zoos, playlands and other similar places.

How do I find it?

The current version of the corona passport can be found either on, or through the app MinSundhed. Here will all your corona-related health activities be registered. On the website, it's also possible to download and print the test- and vaccination passport, which might be a good idea, in order to avoid any technical issues when it's your turn at the hairdresser or in front of the zoo.

Other sorts of information can also be used though, such as documentation from private companies that provide quick tests, or other apps that show your health information, such as MinLæge.

At the end of May, it is the plan that a new corona app will be released, which will gather all the information about vaccination, tests and immunity in one single solution.

For a guide in Danish on how to find the app and use it, you can go to

Who's exempt from showing it?

The requirement of showing the corona passport is not in effect for:

  1. Children below 15 years of age

  2. People who cannot, or should not, get taken a covid-19 test for medical reasons

  3. People who cannot, or should not, get taken a covid-19 test as a result of reduced physical or mental capacity.

In order to be exempt according to point 1 can documentation be shown in the form of one's health care card or other publicly issued identification cards, where one's name and age is printed. Exemption from point 2 and 3 are currently based on a model of trust, based on the statement of the citizen him/herself, which must be taken as truth.

I am not digital/do not have a CPR number/nemID - what do I do?

If you don't use digital solutions or don't have the required CPR number and nemID, there are possible solutions for you too:

  • Documentation for test: You can get physical documentation for a negative quick-test at private suppliers. This is a demand to the suppliers, that they are able to issue such physical documentation to citizens who wish to have it. There's currently also being work done on the PCR tests.

  • Documentation for complete vaccination: Citizens who are fully vaccinated, and who are exempt from digital post, will receive their vaccination documents (vaccination passport) directly through their physical post. If you haven't received such documentation yet, you can call and order a printed vaccination passport at 44 22 77 44.

I've been vaccinated abroad - how do I get a corona passport??

If you've been vaccinated in another country, you need to show your vaccination certificate to your own general practitioner, who will then, if found valid, type it into the system. Then you will be able to use the vaccination as proof in the corona passport.

Will this passport also be able to use for travels?

There's a clear expectation that the corona passport can also be used to travel more freely across borders, first in the EU, and later in the rest of the world. As many countries demand documentation of a negative test when entering, and others allow you to travel in without quarantine by showing documentation for a complete vaccination, will the information in the corona passport also be possible to use in other countries.

The solutions on and MinSundhed can therefore already be used with travel activities. The requirements on documentation do vary from country to country, however, and it is your responsibility to orient yourself at any given moment about the rules and legislation in the country you're travelling to.

The corona passport can also be shown in English and French in MinSundhed, and on you cannot choose a language on the passport itself, but there's an explanation in English and French, meaning the passport can also be read in those languages.

For more information in Danish go to:

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