26.02.2021 - BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak in Copenhagen NV with the South African mutation - get tested!

The Health and Care Administration in Copenhagen municipality has announced tonight that an outbreak of the South African mutation (B.1351) has been registered in Copenhagen North West (København NV).

All residents in this area are asked to be tested ASAP with a PCR-test, and then isolate until an answer is ready. Particular encouragement goes to the residents in the triangle between Frederiksborgvej, Frederikssundsvej and Glasvej.

The municipality has, together with the Danish Patient Safety Agency, been knocking on doors in the area since Thursday evening.

A testing facility is placed on Frederiksborgvej 20, and Nørre Fælled Skole on Biskop Krags Vænge 7, which will be open respectively from 8-20 and 8-14.

The mayor of Health and Care in Copenhagen, Sisse Marie Welling (SF) says: "The South African mutation must not be allowed to spread in Copenhagen. It is, therefore, crucial that the residents in Northwest show "society mind" (samfundssind in Danish, ed.) by getting tested as quickly as possible, so we can stop the spread of this very contagious version. We must act fast. And as a municipality must we ensure, that everybody gets the message of getting tested. We are therefore communicating massively to the residents - we are announcing this on social media, knocks on the doors, throw in flyers to those who aren't home, and send very extraordinarily SMS's to the residents in precisely that area, where the outbreak has been found. It's particularly important there that the residents get told to get tested."

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