31.03.2021 - BREAKING NEWS: Possible outbreak on Østerbro with the Brazilian variant - get tested!

The Health and Care Administration in Copenhagen municipality has announced yesterday evening that a possible outbreak of the Brazilian variant (P.1) has been registered in Copenhagen in the area of Ydre Østerbro.

All residents in this area are asked to be tested ASAP with a PCR-test, and then isolate until the answer is ready, particularly those living in the Northwest corner of Ydre Østerbro.

The Danish Patient Safety Agency has been putting up informational posters in the hallways in apartment buildings close to where the infected lives. Copenhagen municipality has also sent out information SMS's to residents who live in the effected area. It isn't possible to reach those with work-paid phones or with prepaid time cards.

The Brazilian variant, P1, is apparently more infectious and has less sensitivity towards vaccines, which is why it's one of the variants that Statens Serum Institut is monitoring very closely in its sequencing work. Four days ago, on the 27th of March, wrote the Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke (S), on Twitter, that they had found six cases more, bringing the total of infected with P1 to 9 cases. "We have two new infection chains which aren't linked to each other or an already known infection chain. The infection source is unknown, and we don't have a known link to travel activity," he wrote. TV2 is trying to get an answer to whether the six new cases Saturday are the ones found on Ydre Østerbro.

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