Summary, 25.03.2020 - Press conference with several authorities

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Foto: Ida Guldbæk Arentsen



  • Minister of Justice – Nick Hækkerup

  • Director for organization and citizen service in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Erik Brøgger

  • National Police Commissioner – Thorkild Fogde

  • Head of Planning in the Danish Health Authorities – Helene Probst


  • The Minister of Justice will propose a bill tomorrow, which aims to raise the punishment for various crimes related to the Corona-epidemic. 2nd and 3rd reading of the bill will take place Tuesday. There is a majority in the Parliament ready to approve of this new bill.

  • There are increased numbers of crimes related to the Corona-virus, such as trick thefts against elders where one claims to be from the health authorities, theft from hospitals of protection equipment, and internet-based fraudsters. These will now receive at least double as hard a punishment as normally, with the possibility of imprisonment in some cases.

  • Companies defrauding with the various help-packages from the state will get a fine four times higher than normal.


  • 1715 infected, 124 more than yesterday.

  • 350 hospitalised, 49 more than yesterday.

  • Of those 350, 87 is in intensive care, 18 more than yesterday.

  • Of these 87, 79 is in respirators, 21 more than yesterday.

  • 34 is confirmed dead while infected with the virus, 2 more than yesterday.

  • The Danish Health Authorities are now focusing on mental health as well. A set of guidelines for people to stay healthy at home has been published on Twitter:

  • Before being able to use universities for testing, the national authorities must ensure, that increasing the test capacity still means getting reliable results.

  • The Danish Health Authorities have heard the criticism regarding that they do not follow the WHO’s recommendations. They will continue making their own “national translation” of the WHO’s recommendations. Quote: “We’re looking at it. But you have to take into consideration, that the WHO’s recommendations are very scoping. The healthcare system in Denmark is different than in other places. The Danish population is also more educated than other countries’ education, so you can communicate other messages, than possible in other countries.” – Helene Probst.


  • The world has now completely shut down.

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) is doing everything they can to help Danes around the world, but it is getting increasingly more difficult.

  • Please don’t call the MFA’s citizen service, if you’re worried for a relative. The MFA will contact you if there are new developments. Keep the line clear for those, that actually needs the MFA.

  • New areas of focus are India, Dubai and Kenya.

  • Thailand has after intensive pressure decided, that Danes can go home from next week without needing a certificate stating that one is not Corona-infected. A certificate stating that one is fit to fly is still necessary though.

  • Spain has promised to find solutions for foreigners stranded in the country, now where hotels etc. are shutting down from tomorrow.

  • 1800 has now signed up in the MFA’s emergency database, 500 more than yesterday.


  • The EU is looking at support-packages for fisheries, gardeners and flower shops (according to Minister of Food and Fisheries Mogens Jensen)

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