Summary, 02.04.2020 - The curve seems to have bent, and the numbers are stable

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

First of all, I apologise for the lack of a summary yesterday. Yesterday I was simply too overloaded. When I have been able to find some news from yesterday, they have been written into today's summary. But there is likely some news that I've missed. I'm sorry, and will do my best to avoid this situation again!

Today there were three press conferences: the daily one with several authorities, one with Rigshospitalet, and finally one with Region Sjælland.


  1. The curve seems to have bent, and the number of hospitalizations is reassuring and stable.

  2. New guidelines for testing was published yesterday evening by the Danish Health Authority and can be found below.

  3. Common practitioners can now refer clients to a test for covid-19, without the need for an evaluation on a covid-19-clinic.

  4. Almost 20.000 companies have applied to get salary compensation, which means that more than 10.000 Danes are continuing to be paid with full salary, even if they have been sent home from work.

  5. The application webpages for the compensation package for independents and freelancers opened yesterday and can be found below under 'other news'.

Foto: Martin Sylvest/Ritzau Scanpix



  • Minister for Employment- Peter Hummelgaard

  • Director for the Danish Health Authority - Søren Brostrøm

  • Director for Organisation and Civil Service in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Erik Brøgger

  • Director for Communication in the National Police - Anders Frandsen


  • The partial shutdown of Denmark has huge consequences for the danish work market, and unemployment, as we see it currently, is a collective problem.

  • Almost 20.000 companies have applied to get salary compensation, which means that more than 10.000 Danes are continuing to be paid with full salary, even if they have been sent home from work.

  • Peter Hummelgaard is discussing with the parties of the Parliament whether the 225-hour rule for cash benefits (kontanthjælp) can be suspended, so cash benefit receivers will not be deducted for the lack of hours.


  • The curve seems to have bent, and the number of hospitalizations is reassuring and stable.

  • The situation is still dire, and the Danes must continue to hold on to the guidelines and habits - wash hands, keep a distance, and avoid unnecessary trips into public space.

  • More and more has become healthy after having been infected, and we do therefore assume, that they are immune.

  • Denmark is currently testing more than Norway and Sweden because Norway has reduced its test capacity.

  • Antibody-tests are promising, but documentation and knowledge are needed before official testing can begin.

  • Common practitioners can now refer clients to a test for covid-19, without the need for an evaluation on a covid-19-clinic.

  • If you are not showing symptoms, professionals agree, that you are not a massive spreader of infection. Testing asymmetric for symptoms are not very efficient. If you have just the slightest symptoms, then stay home.


  • All Danes must get out of Brazil. The amount of infected and deaths in Brazil are rising, the Minister for Health is worried for a collapse of the healthcare system before the end of April, and only two airlines have currently planes going out of Brazil.

  • In New Zealand, the EU has managed to arrange the possibility of domestic travel to Auckland, where an international airport is located. Here Danes can keep an eye on possible flight options from here.

  • In Mali, there will be a special plane, which can bring 50 people home. It will depart from Mali Saturday.

  • A SAS-plane will land in Lima, Peru, within hours to pick up 200 Danes. 30 Danes will still be in Peru, and the MFA will continue working on getting them out.



  • Chief physician Åse Bengård Andersen

  • Professor Jens Lundgren


  • Rigshospitalet wishes to test more for covid-19 and is expecting to be able to increase the test capacity three-fold.

  • 3.500 have currently been tested at Rigshospitalet.

  • New tents have been put up at Rigshospitalet, where patients can be tested. According to Professor Jens Lundgren, this is a really good idea, and crucial for being able to test aggressively for who is infected with covid-19.

  • He estimates that it will be possible, on a national level, to test up towards 15.000 people a day for covid-19.

  • Rigshospitalet can increase the number of tents if the need to test more increases.



  • Chairman for Region Sjælland - Heino Knudsen

  • Concern Director for Region Sjælland - Leif Panduro Jensen

  • Mayor and Chairman of KKR Sjælland - Niels Hörup

  • Practitioner and Chairman for PLO Sjælland - Camilla Høegh-Guldberg


  • We feel one step ahead of the coronavirus in Region Sjælland.

  • We have at the moment 86 hospitalized, including 21 in intensive care, and have experienced 21 cases of deaths with patients, who have been infected with covid-19.

  • Heino Knudsen is 'carefully optimistic' with regards to the Region's bed capacity for covid-19.

  • Enough protective equipment is available in Region Sjælland, as long as they are used with care. The Region is still reliant on that their supplies deliver supplies continuously.

  • The Region can upscale the number of beds if it becomes necessary.

  • Socially exposed people will be helped first.

  • Citizens can safely go to their own doctor and the hospital. There is a huge focus on securing the staff and patients on the hospitals.


  • 3.386 have tested positive, 191 more than the day before yesterday.

  • 525 are hospitalised, 8 less than the day before yesterday.

  • Of those 525, 153 are in intensive care, 16 more than the day before yesterday.

  • Of those 153, 138 are in respirators, 19 more than the day before yesterday.

  • 123 Corona-infected Danes have died, 46 more than the day before yesterday.

  • 30.448 Danes have now been tested for coronavirus.

  • New guidelines for testing was published yesterday evening by the Danish Health Authority. People who can now be tested are:

  1. People with close relatives in particular risk groups, such as a person with a reduced immune defence, or someone above 80 years of age.

  2. People who cannot ensure good conditions for self-isolation in their homes, e.g. homeless.

  3. People, whom it is estimated wise to know their covid-19-status, e.g. if you live a lot in a small area in the residence.

  4. People who have been in close contact with a patient, who is confirmed infected with covid-19.

  5. People with a key function in society.

  6. Staff who are working in the health- or elderly-care-sector with close contact to citizens can now be referred directly to a test for covid-19 on a regional clinic, without the need for a referral from their own practitioner.

  • The Danish Health Authority is expecting to be able to test 15.000 people after Easter, according to Helene Probst, Head of Planning.

  • According to the WHO 95 % of all deaths of the coronavirus in Europe has happened to people above the age of 60.

  • The Italian authorities have officially asked Denmark for help with materials and health professionals. The Danish authorities will now evaluate whether there is enough capacity in Denmark to help.

  • Sunday the 5th of April the first shipment out of 24 from China will be flown to Kastrup with 100.000 visors, 30.000 protective suits and 20 respirators. The deliveries are being done in collaboration with Mærsk.

  • Wednesday the 8th of April the world's largest cargo plane with lane with another 1 million face masks and 170.000 protective suits.

  • Artificial intelligence is being used to calculate more accurately which patients with Coronavirus that ends up in intensive care or in respirator. Computer scientists at the University of Copenhagen are building computer models, where all data regarding the patient is being put in. The hope is, that the first rough model is ready in a few weeks. The project is a collaboration between scientist groups from Rigshospitalet and Bispebjerg Hospital and is still in an early phase.

  • Falck will test their staff for coronavirus, by using antibody-tests, to see how many of the employees that have been infected.

  • Scientists from several hospitals and universities in Denmark have been given a grant from the Novo Nordisk Fund on 2 million kroner, in order to investigate whether pregnant and newborn babies are in a particular risk group of getting coronavirus. All pregnant women who are giving birth at Aarhus University Hospital and Kolding Hospital will over a period of some months be offered to be part of the study.

  • 15 people at the nursing home Valdemarsgade in Brønderslev has been tested positive for coronavirus - nine employees and six residents.

  • According to a new study from Imperial College London, 200 Danish lives can have been saved in March alone, due to the Danish authorities' initiatives and injunctions.

  • According to Concern Director in Region Midtjylland Ole Thomsen, the Region is about to lack face masks.


  • The application webpages for the compensation package for independents and freelancers opened yesterday and can be found below.

  1. Independents:

  2. Freelancers:

  • The current holiday-year will be prolonged, so that certain employees, who cannot take their spent-up holidays before the holiday-year ends the 1st of May, can take it later. This is to ensure enough hands in society to handle all the tasks related to the corona-outbreak.

  • Queen Margrethe is encouraging Danes to not send Her Majesty flowers on her 80th birthday on the 16th of April. Instead, she wishes people to send a bouquet to the many elderly citizens, who are having a difficult time. The tradition where Danes can congratulate Her Majesty in a written gratulation in Copenhagen has been cancelled. Instead, the Royal House will make a gratulation-list available on from the 14th of April.

  • Danish tourists on Bali can book seats on a special plane departing for Stockholm tomorrow, Friday the 3rd of April at 20.30, organised by Sweden on behalf of the Nordic countries. It's the only plane that will be available for now!

  • Coop is now opening for a new service online, where elderly, sick and other particularly exposed people can get in front of the online waiting line. This offer is available, for the moment being, in Greater Copenhagen (Storkøbenhavn), with delivery in the home between 13 and 16.

  • 66.305 people have declared themselves out of work since the 9th of March, according to the Ministry for Employment. Of these, 17.903, or roughly every fourth, has been younger than 30. The most exposed age group has been people between 30 and 49 years old, which includes 30.463 people.

  • The Parliament has agreed to the emergency bill on increased punishments for corona-related crime. It has now been expanded to also include the possibility to deport foreigners that commits the same kind of crimes. Radikale Venstre and Enhedslisten voted against the proposal.

  • A broad majority in the Parliament agreed Wednesday to grant a 'here-and-now'-effort on 650 million kroner, to fight the infection spread and soften the economical consequences in the long run in Africa and other closer focus areas.

  • 30 Danes are part of a group claim against the city of Ischgl in Austria, which amasses 2.723 people. Ischgl is known as the location, where many Danes were going on ski, and brought home the coronavirus from, and similar has happened to many other countries, whose citizens went skiing there. The city is now being investigated for potentially having hidden important health information related to the Coronavirus for the Austrian health authorities.

  • EU wants to prevent mass firings during the corona-crisis by mobilising 100 billion euro to finance a new initiate for short-time work. The initiative will be an initiative, where an employee works on reduced time with governmental salary compensation. This was announced Thursday by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

  • Tivoli is pushing their opening date to the 1st of May, due to the Corona-outbreak. At the same time, Tivoli has decided to extend the summer season until the 4th of October.

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