Summary, 04.04.2020 - We are now testing significantly more than earlier

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

No press conferences today, only some minor news related to the virus. Let's hope it stays that way until we hear the crisis is over, and we can turn back to our normal lives. So please - stay at home, keep distance, and keep good personal hygiene, washing your hands often.


  1. Today we tested almost 6.000 people for the second day in a row, which is significantly more than previously, and more than the target of 5.000 people per day in the current test strategy by the Danish Health Authority.

  2. Hospitals in Region Hovedstaden is looking for people, who want to participate in a research project regarding the value of facial protection for reducing covid-19-infection. If you are interested in joining the project, you can go to (Danish).

  3. Blood donations across the country will be used to find out how many who have developed antibodies in their blood and therefore been infected with the corona-virus.

Foto: Niels Christian Vilmann/Ritzau Scanpix


  • 4.077 have tested positive, 450 more than yesterday.

  • 507 are hospitalised, 10 less than yesterday.

  • Of those 507, 142 are in intensive care, 1 less than yesterday.

  • Of those 142, 112 are in respirators, 4 less than yesterday.

  • 161 Corona-infected Danes have died, 22 more than yesterday.

  • 39.928 has been tested for the virus, here of 4.077 people have been tested positive (remember - people are only tested if suspicion is present - there are large dark numbers out there, so the percentage of infected as a total is much lower!)

  • The number of people who have been declared healthy again is 1.283, but it is important to note, that by declaring people healthy, we do not necessarily mean that people are no longer sick with the corona-virus. It essentially means, that the person is no longer considered to be so sick, that they need medical treatment. Since we are in a shortage of test kits, the Danish health authorities do not use kits on testing people, whom we know are or have been sick, just to see if they are now healthy.

  • 5.999 was tested for corona-virus Friday, meaning that it is the second day that we have been testing for more than the 5.000 patients per day in Denmark, which is the target of the Danish test strategy. Thursday 5.734 people were tested.

  • Hospitals in Region Hovedstaden is looking for people, who want to participate in a research project regarding the value of facial protection for reducing covid-19-infection. If you are interested in joining the project, you can go to (Danish).

  • Danish doctors at Aarhus University Hospital have today started tests with a Japanese medicine (camostat mesylate) against heartburn as a possible drug against corona-virus. Denmark is the first country that systematically tests this medicine. Doctors at the hospital will also investigate whether blood from patients who have been declared free of corona-virus can be used to treat new corona-patients.

  • The 5.000 weekly donations of blood from donors will be tested for antibodies, to help the health authorities gather an overview of how many who have been infected with corona-virus and have developed an immunity. Blood banks in Region Hovedstaden and Midtjylland have already started these tests. The other regions will follow later.

  • 35 out of 98 municipalities have confirmed cases of corona-virus in the nursing homes or in private residences where a healthcare worker comes regularly.


  • The Danish police encourage people to spread out their shopping throughout Easter. Shops are going to be open.

  • FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW DANES STUCK IN TURKEY: The Danish embassy in Turkey has been informed that SunExpress is planning a series of flights from Antalya, Ankara and Izmir, that will fly to Düsseldorf. Tickets will be put on sale soon on

  • FOR PEOPLE WHO KNOW DANES STUCK IN THE UK: The Danish embassy in the United Kingdom informs that there are direct planes to Copenhagen the 5th of April. After that, there are currently no airlines, that has scheduled flights to Denmark for a longer period. It is possible to get to Denmark with transits though, and trains (EuroStar) and ferries are also still a possibility.

  • The Minister of Defence, Trine Bramsen, informed earlier today that the Danish Defence is very aware of the risk of cyberattacks from cybercriminals. So far Denmark hasn't been the target of large coordinated attacks against the healthcare system. Interpol warned Saturday that there is a high risk internationally currently for cyberattacks on hospitals and authorities.

  • Fårup Sommerland post-pones their opening date, from the 2nd of May till the 21st of May. Furthermore, they will extend the season an extra weekend in September, and that most events in the calendar will still be held. The traditional Biker-meeting on the first opening day has been cancelled though.

  • Hjallerup Market has been cancelled this year due to the crisis.

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