Summary, 08.05.2020 - The content of phase 3 and 4 of the reopening have now been announced

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  1. New details emerge about phases 3 and 4. All parties will decide together if the infection numbers allow for a further opening.

  2. Phase 3, which is to start after 8th of June, will see the opening of culture and activities, such as museums, theatres, cinemas and aquariums, outdoor theme parks, botanical gardens as well as summer activities for children. Gatherings will be allowed to include up to 30-50 people.

  3. Phase 4 will start at the beginning of August and include all remaining educational centres and nightlife. Indoors sports facilities, including fitness centres, will also be allowed to open at this time.

  4. There is still no decision on border openings and travel advisories – a decision will be made public before the 1st of June.

  5. Mette Frederiksen made it clear, that the reopening of Denmark depends on whether the epidemic can be kept at a controlled level, and that the parties have agreed to evaluate at each new phase whether to adjust the tempo of the reopening.


Can open from the 8th of June:

  • Culture and activities, like museums, theatres, art galleries, cinemas and aquariums

  • Outdoor amusement parks

  • Other zoos, botanical garden etc.

  • Summer activities for children and young

  • Areas in the public sector, which are exposed to a particularly high amount of casework

  • A full reopening of public research activities that require a physical presence

  • Adult education targeted unemployed, like AMU and language schools

  • Folk high schools etc.

  • Indoor sports- and association life, like evening schools.

  • The prohibition limit on gathering in public space will likely be raised from 10 to 30-50.


If the development of the infection is going better than anticipated, and the mathematical models allow for a larger reopening in phase three, the following will also be considered:

  • Increased physical presence on public workplaces

  • A full reopening of DR and TV2

Cannot open yet, and will be part of the fourth phase in August:

  • All other educations

  • Night clubs, music venues and other festivity-related places

  • Fitness centres, waterparks, playlands and indoor swimming pools

  • The prohibition on events and activities with more than 500 participants is maintained until at least the 31st of August.

Further details

  • Mette Frederiksen made it clear, that the reopening of Denmark depends on whether the epidemic can be kept at a controlled level. “The reopening must continue to be done in a controlled and responsible way. We must spread the use of protective gear, and many more Danes must be tested. The parties agree, that if the reopening leads to a revival of the epidemic, the plan can be changed, slowing down the tempo in the plan”, she says.

  • The reopening is built upon five elements:

  1. An offensive testing strategy with testing in both the healthcare sector and in society, tracking infection as well as isolating the infected. Representative testing of the population will be done in fixed intervals and on the basis of a clear plan.

  2. The use of protective equipment to, inter alia, protect vulnerable groups.

  3. The guidelines from the health authorities regarding physical distance.

  4. The guidelines from the health authorities regarding proper hygiene.

  5. Superinfection spread must be avoided (events where many are infected at once, ed.).

  • 25 out of 98 municipalities have not had a single coronavirus case in 7 days. And the various parties agreed to evaluate at each new opening phase, if it is possible to open different parts of the country at different speeds, depending on if such an opening makes sense for health reasons.


  • The EU advises against all unnecessary travel to Europe up until the 15th of June from 3rd world countries, which is an extension of the earlier advisory, which was to be in effect until the 15th of May.


The numbers will be left out today since I can't find the numbers for yesterday (Friday). They will be back Sunday, with the numbers for Saturday!


  • A new survey from Save the Child (Red Barnet) shows that almost every fourth child is struggling with feelings of fear during the pandemic. The survey is based on answers from 6.000 children and parents from several countries. The shutdowns, social distancing and no school affect many children so hard, that they risk permanent psychological illnesses like depression. “Children are resilient, but we cannot underestimate the influence of the pandemic on their mental wellbeing and general health,” says Marie Dahl, head of the organisation’s psychological support unit.

  • S-trains resume normal operations from Monday.

  • The Danish professional Handball-league, which reopens now, will be moved outdoors.

  • IKEA apologizes for not being able to deliver on web orders and apologizes to clients. Customers have experienced not having received their goods despite having ordered in March. The company excuses itself with having experienced a much higher demand than they had anticipated.

  • The police in Aarhus apologizes for closing down takeaway restaurants in Bazar Vest – it was legal for them to stay open, and the fines have been annulled.

  • Restaurants are unsure how to open after May 18th – If they are only allowed to serve 10 people in their restaurants, it might not make sense to open at all.

  • Arnold Busck reopens store on Købmagergade, which has a 124-year history, while the bankruptcy courts decide the company’s fate.

  • Gymnasium students and teachers are sad, that the two youngest years still are not allowed back to school, and expect students to drop out.

  • DBU (Danish Football Union) reopens under strict guidelines for its 330.000 members.

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