Summary, 18.04.2020 - The compensation packages will be extended, revised and improved

Today, on an otherwise very calm day, the parties of the Parliament agreed to make significant changes to the existing compensation packages, which have been applied for by more than 71.000 companies so far. Furthermore, the numbers continue to drop, and we are starting to see some guidelines coming out from the Danish Health Authority, to help the soon-to-open business and clinics. Hopefully, we will know much more tomorrow (Sunday)!


  1. Significant revisions and extensions will be made to the various compensation schemes for companies and event-makers - the schemes will now be in effect until the 8th of July.

  2. Toys and magazines must be removed from waiting rooms, gaps between each client must be implemented, and distance between the client and the staff must be ensured at dentists and other health-related clinics, as a few of the guidelines given by the Danish Health Authority.

  3. More than 71.000 companies have applied for the various compensation schemes.

  4. The numbers are still dropping in general for hospitalisations and people in intensive care, and are somewhat steady in terms of people in respirators.

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  • 7.242 have tested positive, 169 more than yesterday (Since it is not everyone with symptoms of corona-virus who is being tested, the real amount of infected is estimated to be much higher).

  • 317 are hospitalized, 33 less than yesterday.

  • Of those 317, 87 are in intensive care, 6 less than yesterday.

  • Of those 87, 76 are in respirators, 2 more than yesterday.

  • 346 Corona-infected Danes have died, 10 more than yesterday.

  • 91.437 have been tested for corona-virus, with 7.242 positives (7.9 % positives)

  • 3.847 are reported as healthy again, after having been hospitalized with corona-virus, an increase of 458 from yesterday.

  • The Danish Health Authority has presented a new set of guidelines for various health-related businesses, including physiotherapists, dentists and private hospitals. Generally speaking, it will become mandatory to maintain distance between the staff and the citizen, magazines, newspapers and toys must be removed from the waiting room, there must be 'breaks' between each client to minimize the number of people in the waiting room, and the clients must not be able to get water to drink from the same jug. Furthermore, referrals will be mandatory. The rest of the guidelines can be found here (Danish).


  • More than 71.000 companies have applied for the help-packages for cancelled events, salary compensation, fixed expenditures and coverage of lost revenue for independents and freelancers.

  • Police officers from Copenhagen Police will be present at several schools and institutions to ensure that the authorities guidelines will continue to be respected when the schools and childcare institutions open up. "To avoid infection spread it is important that the parents keep social distance to each other when they have to pick up and deliver their children," says Police Commissioner Anne Tønnes.


  • The political parties in the Parliament have agreed to quite a few changes and add-ons in terms of the economical help-packages. The most important ones are likely the extension of the compensation-period to the 8th of July for all the help-packages, increased possibilities of getting compensation for several of them, a new compensation-scheme for freelancers with a mix of A- and B-income, as well as an extension of the suspension of the seniority counting in the unemployment benefit-system, a temporary extension of the right to sickness benefits as well as the suspension of G-days until, and including, the 30th of June. The full list can be found here (Danish - If you have a professional need to have it translated, contact me, and I will see what I can do. Some of it is very technical...)

  • Furthermore, as part of the abovementioned agreement, the parties want to find a solution to ensure that particularly exposed employees won't have to show up physically at work. The solution must be found within a reserve-allocation of 200 million kroner.

  • A parliament in unity has also decided upon two new schemes intended to help the cultural sector. The compensation scheme for arrangements will be extended to and including the 31st of August, and smaller concerts, festivals and running events with 350 participants or more can now receive compensation. The limit was previously a minimum of 1.000 participants.

  • Copenhagen Municipality makes it possible for parents to be exempted for paying for the children's institutions until the 10th of May if they don't have the need to have their child looked after. It is also possible to be exempted retrospectively, but only until the 15th of April. A similar scheme is also being put up in Gladsaxe municipality. Kindergarten-children who have to start in a free-time institution on the 1st of May, or were supposed to start the 1st of April, won't have to start before the 11th of May.

  • Det Konservative Folkeparti suggests that the most challenged children in school should be able to attend summer school for three weeks of the summer holidays. To finance this an amount of 300 million kroner should be allocated.

  • Local Government Denmark (Kommunernes Landsforening) warns that if the older pupils were to return to school, the schools would be immensely challenged on space and staff. "Right now it is extremely difficult to see that there can be room for the 6th-10th grade classes in the schools because their classrooms and community rooms are taken by the younger classes," says chairman Jakob Bundsgaard. The schools began a gradual reopening after Easter for the youngest pupils in 0th-5th grade. Since then, the turn-up of the pupils has been 80-90 %, not far from the normal turn-up-rate.

  • The EU approved Friday that 3 billion Euro, or 22.4 billion kroner, will be set free to help healthcare systems in EU-countries that are particularly hard hit by the corona-crisis. This money will allow the EU to purchase and delegate supplies like respirators and protective equipment, as well as hire and transfer healthcare employees to corona-virus hotspots.

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