Summary, 28.03.2020

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Today there were no press conferences, but there was some news related to the Coronavirus.


  • 2.201 have tested positive, 155 more than yesterday.

  • 459 are hospitalised, 29 more than yesterday.

  • Of those, 121 are in intensive care, 12 more than yesterday.

  • Of those 121, 104 are in respirators, 15 more than yesterday.

  • 65 have died carrying the Coronavirus, 13 more than yesterday.


  • Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has said on Facebook that she doesn’t expect the shutdown to last several months, if the Danes continue keeping a distance, wash their hands and avoid unnecessary activities. She also said that we will be able to estimate whether the initiatives have worked or not, within a few days.

  • The household waste recycling centres can reopen again from Tuesday the 31st of March. The National Association of Municipalities (KL) have informed of that decision in an announcement.

  • Nurses and doctors are now being tested for Covid-19 as well. Already now there are cases of infected staff, including 8 out of 350 at Bispebjerg Hospital’s intensive care ward, and some have also tested positive at Rigshospitalet.

  • Hospitals are now looking into giving families the possibility to say goodbye to people dying with Covid-19. The families will have to wear protective equipment like masks and protective clothes. Herlev, Rigshospitalet, Aarhus and Hvidovre are taking steps to make this possible.

  • A plane from the Philippines has departed for Denmark with 105 Danes onboard. Onboard are also 179 Swedes, Norwegians, Finns and Icelanders.

  • 22 Danes have managed to get out of Peru. 15 onboard an Austrian plane towards Vienna, 7 on a German plane to Frankfurt.

  • Aarhus Airport closes down from 30.3, due to SAS shutting down the Aarhus-Copenhagen-route. No re-opening date has been announced, but they can open within 24 hours when the airlines start flying again.

  • 10.312 companies have applied for salary compensation per days date.

  • Some DIY centres are reporting that the business is going so well, that they have hired guards to ensure, that there are not too many people in their shops.

  • Bowl’n Fun fires 450 employees, around 2/3.

  • The crime-rate in Denmark has fallen significantly, especially when it comes to burglaries. On the other hand, though, the amount of reports of domestic violence has increased.

  • Since the shutdown, the Danish TV-consumption has increased with 20 %

  • The new Copenhagen Metro M4-line has opened today.

  • An inmate in a Danish prison has tested positive for Covid-19. Where and whom cannot be announced.

Enjoy your weekend :)!

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