Summary, 30.03.2020 - 3 official press conferences today, including one with the PM, and other news.

Today there were three press conferences: one with the Prime Minister regarding the state of the Corona-crisis in Denmark, one with the Minister for Finances regarding the salary compensation, and one at Rigshospitalet, where a new Corona-ward opened today.


  1. The numbers are going in the right direction, and therefore a GRADUAL reopening of Denmark is likely after Easter - if we continue keeping distance, washing our hands, avoiding unnecessary trips out, etc.

  2. Everything depends on the next two weeks - so don't get sloppy now!

  3. Exactly how a reopening will take place, was not announced. Hopefully, there will be something more concrete at the end of the week.

  4. The salary compensation package has been adjusted, so that the maximum compensation limit has been raised to 30.000 kroner, regardless of whether the employee is monthly-paid or hourly-paid.

Foto: Ritzau Scanpix
Foto: Ritzau Scanpix



  • Prime Minister - Mette Frederiksen

  • Minister for Health - Magnus Heunicke

  • Director for the Danish Health Authorities - Søren Brostrøm

  • Director for the Danish Serum Institute - Kåre Mølbak

  • National Police Commissioner - Thorkild Fogde


  • We are seeing signs, that the spread of the virus has been delayed. The spread is going slower than feared. This gives cause for careful optimism.

  • If we the next two weeks continue to stand together, apart from each other, keep our distance, wash our hands etc., and the numbers continue going in the right direction, the government will begin a GRADUAL reopening of the Danish society.

  • If we don't continue to follow the guidelines, even stricter initiatives might be taken.

  • The reopening of the society will be even more difficult, and it will happen gradually. People may have to work, educate themselves and go to school at different times of the day. Rush hour traffic must be avoided.

  • The society will be reopened first, where the need is estimated to be highest.

  • More people need to be tested, not just for the virus, but also for antibodies.

  • The borders will stay closed. We cannot have a new spread of the virus coming into the country.

  • We seem to be on the green curve, rather than on the red.

  • People will still continue to be hospitalised, and more people will die.

  • Exactly how the reopening will happen, and for whom, was not announced today. First, the numbers have to continue going in the right direction.

  • Everything depends on the next two weeks - hang in there, continue following the guidelines - keep distance, wash your hands, don't go out on unnecessary trips.

  • A vaccine is at least a year away still. The population has to become infected, but in a tempo where the healthcare system can keep up. The development of herd immunity is vital.

  • The end of the week will likely bring news about how the reopening can take place.



  • Minister for Finances - Nicolai Wammen

  • Minister for Business - Simon Kollerup

  • Minister for Employment - Peter Hummelgaard

  • CEO in Danish Industry (DI) - Lars Sandahl Sørensen


  • The salary compensation package has been adjusted, so that the maximum compensation limit has been raised to 30.000 kroner, regardless of whether the employee is monthly-paid or hourly-paid. The limit was previously 23.000 and 26.000 respectively.

  • The state will still finance up to 75 % for monthly-paid employees (up to 30.000 kroner), and up to 90 % for hourly-paid employees (up to 30.000 kroner).

  • More than 11.000 companies have already applied to use the package, and the new limit is also applying to their applications.

  • The revised salary compensation package will still be in effect for the period 9.3 - 9.6.

  • The companies can still only get compensation if the employee has been sent home with payment, and if they promise on a statement of truth to not fire people in the above mentioned period - in other words, if your company have already fired people in this period, and want to apply for this compensation package, you have to rehire your employees and send them home with full pay instead.

  • The increased limit is expected to increase the expenditure on the package for the budget with 700 million kroner, to an expected total of 4.6 billion kroner.

  • The Minister for Finances underlined, that not all jobs can be saved.



  • Chairman of The Region of Copenhagen - Sophie Hæstorp Andersen

  • Chief Physician - Jan Bonde


  • Rigshospitalet is creating a new ward, that will only deal with Coronapatients.

  • New respirators are being purchased, as a backup to the existing ones, in case they break down.

  • Many employees are being retrained, to handle these machines and the patients.

  • We have enough test kits to test 2.500 people a day in Region Copenhagen.

  • There will initially be beds for 105 patients. Of these, 30 will be useable for intensive care.

  • Patients hospitalised with Covid-19 at Rigshospitalet are younger than in Italy, but it is likely due to a lower average age in Denmark.

  • The entire Region Copenhagen is preparing for a peak of 300 intensive care patients when the epidemic is expected to peak in two weeks.

  • Region Copenhagen will need 3.500 employees to handle the intensive care alone when the epidemic peaks.


  • 2.555 have tested positive, 160 more than yesterday.

  • 533 are hospitalised, 34 more than yesterday.

  • Of those 499, 137 are in intensive care, 6 more than yesterday.

  • Of those 131, 119 are in respirators, 6 more than yesterday.

  • 77 Corona-infected Danes have died, 5 more than yesterday.

  • Nordsjællands Hospital has started testing selected employees for the development of antibodies against Coronavirus. If the staff has developed these antibodies, it means that they have already been sick/infected with Coronavirus, and it is therefore assumed safe to let them work with the sickest patients. The hospital will test 200 employees per week during the entire epidemic.

  • The company Spritfabrikken Danmark, which normally produces Vodka and other sorts of alcoholics, will start producing hand sanitiser. They have already promised to deliver 150.000 litres to Danish municipalities as soon as possible, enough to cover 5 municipalities' need for 2 months. The first 34.000 litres will be delivered this week.

  • During the last week, the shared procurement organisation for the municipalities in Denmark, which was created earlier this year, has made procurement-deals of 5 million masks, 1 million visors, 800.000 gloves and 600.000 protective glasses.


  • The Parliament has given the government the green light to, if necessary, make it illegal to gather more than two people in public space.

  • The Parliament didn't pass the bill proposed last week, on doubling the penalty on Corona-related crime, like trick thefts, stealing of protective equipment and hand sanitiser. The Ministry for Justice hasn't answered all the questions by the parties's spokespersons on Justice, and therefore the 3rd treatment of the bill has been pushed for tomorrow. An amendment has been added, meaning that the bill will also include harassment and violence against public servants, as well as theft against closed-down shops. The last few days there have been cases where police officers have been coughed in their faces while doing their jobs.

  • The Danish Tax Agency will allow companies to not pay fees and interests on A-tax and AM-contribution, that hasn't been paid in March.

  • The EU has, after approval from the Member States, passed a suspensation of slot-allocations, so airlines aren't pressured to fly with ghost planes (empty planes). This will help airlines economically during the entire summer period.

  • The Danish Tax Authority has announced that Danes stranded abroad, who own cars on foreign license plates, will be allowed to cross the border with the car without risking a fee. This will be possible from the 1st of April to the end of May.

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