Who are we?

We're a Danish-French couple, who have been together for almost five years and lived together since August 2018 in Denmark.

Nicki is currently unemployed but has a Master's degree in Political Science, whereas Gwen is currently studying the International Bachelor in Humanities at Roskilde University, and works as a moderator for MovieStarPlanet on the side.

We live with our dog Honey (a 9-year-old Cavalier King Charles), our guinea pig Bob (a 3-year-old American Crested), and our rabbit Ginger (a 1½-year-old Holland Lop).

The story behind 'Corona in Denmark'

Corona in Denmark originally started as Nicki's contribution to the fight against the coronavirus, as he doesn't have a medical background. Instead, he could use his language abilities and educational and professional background to live translate and communicate the various announcements and rules to the non-Danish speaking residents and tourists in Denmark.

Gwen began to help to monitor all the questions during the live translation sessions, as there started to be too many for Nicki to answer them afterwards. She also takes care of French questions.